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All aboard the… Premium-class yacht in the Galapagos islands? Yes, you heard that right! This is not just any tour; this is an MV Origin tour - the ultimate sustainable experience in unrivalled luxury. This yacht boasts en-suite bathrooms, a modern décor and deluxe rooms, in addition to biodegradable and organic products to ensure a lavish, yet eco-friendly experience. With unparalleled ocean views and state-of-the-art facilities, this cruise offers you the chance to visit the astounding outer islands of the stunning Galapagos archipelago whilst relaxing aboard a sumptuous yacht. When you return home to tell the tale, you’ll truly be the envy of all your friends!

Choose from two week-long itineraries, each giving you the opportunity to see the most remarkable Galapagos islands. The first itinerary follows a southern trail, whilst the second takes a northern route; both take you on a tour of the shore, before you embark on a nature trek with a naturalist expert to experience the wonders the Galapagos offers. With zodiac (dinghy) rides, snorkelling and nature walks, you'll get your first glimpses of sea lions, iguanas and the world-renowned giant Galapagos tortoises! If the giant tortoises aren’t big enough, there’s also the chance to spot orcas and humpback whales… The Galapagos is a truly awe-inspiring eco-travel destination that will really change your outlook on life!

The Galapagos archipelago is an incredibly fragile ecosystem, at threat from illegal fishing and unsustainable tourism. Ecoventura has made progress in sustainable tourism and conservation, ensuring that their yachts meet the guidelines for eco-friendly tourism by limiting carbon emissions and introducing fuel-saving measures. Levels of water pollution in and around the Galapagos are also a concern; whilst some ships dispose of untreated grey water into the sea, Ecoventura ensures that they treat all grey and black water in order to dispose of waste without contributing to water pollution.

The Ecoventura family is dedicated to sustainable tourism; with a crew passionate about the Galapagos this company provides the public with the chance to see and visit these awe-inspiring islands without having a negative impact on delicate ecosystems. Ecoventura supports various local charities and conservation initiatives, and ensures that local communities are involved by helping to raise environmental awareness and even providing educational scholarships. Ecoventura has been dedicated to making their Galapagos tours eco-friendly since 1999; with half a million dollars invested in updating their yachts, Ecoventura really are the leaders of sustainable tourism in the Galapagos. It is no surprise that this is an award-winning experience in sustainable tourism as well as a true voyage of discovery.

Day 1

Once you arrive at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobel Island you will transferred by bus, before your adventure begins early with a zodiac ride to the Origin. After receiving a briefing to inform you about safety protocols aboard the ship, you can enjoy a buffet lunch put together by culinary experts. After lunch you'll travel to Cerro Tijeretas and begin your exploration of the wondrous wildlife of the Galapagos, starting with the nesting colonies of the frigatebirds, the ground finch and the San Cristobel mockingbird. Enjoy the picturesque views as you trek the trail to Punta Carola before being welcomed back to the Origin with a welcome party and dinner, courtesy of the Captain!

Day 2

Head out to Punta Pitt – the most spectacular spot for all things feathered! You’ll visit the nesting site of sea birds, including the three boobies, storm petrels and brown pelicans. Now, let’s not forget the other miraculous species in the archipelago; take a dunk to swim or snorkel with sea lions and come face-to-face with the colourful King Angel and Surgeon fish. After lunch, head to Cerro Brujo, guaranteed to steal your breath away with the beauty of its white coral beach, awe inspiring views and brilliant birdwatching spots. The action-packed adventure does not end there… Conclude the day with a pleasant zodiac ride through The Cathedral cave before returning to the luxury of the Origin for a refuelling dinner.

Day 3

Be greeted by the bark of man’s best beach friend, the sea lion, as you disembark at Punta Suarez on Espanola Island. Witness the mating rituals of the blue-footed boobies, all overlooked by the watchful eye of the magnificent mockingbird. It’ll be hard to stay crabby amidst the sound of the chirping birds and the side-step of the vibrant sally crabs that scatter across the shore! After lunch head to Gardner Bay beach and laze about in the white-sand with the sea lions. Alternatively, submerge your toes as you stroll along the beach on the lookout for the Darwin’s finch. Discover the invertebrate-covered caves and gawk at the display of marine life at Tortuga Rock before returning to the Origin for dinner.

Day 4

Disembark at Punta Cormorant on Floreana Island, recognisable by its olive-sand and the lively noises of the plentiful wildlife. Explore the lagoon and discover the Bahama ducks and the fabulous flamingos. Witness the most stunning sight in the archipelago: the sea turtles laying their eggs! Spot the notorious sting rays swimming about the shallows before heading off to the sunken crater of Devil’s Crown to snorkel with colourful fish, white-tipped sharks, sea turtles and sea stars. Enjoy lunch on the Origin sundeck before visiting the famous Post Office Bay, utilised in the 18th century by English whaling vessels. Leave a postcard of your 'top holiday tips' for future guests! End the day at Baroness Point to see sea turtles and rays before dinner.

Day 5

Thursdays are for the tortoise lovers! Head to Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, to the tortoise reserve which serves to protect these ginormous tortoises in their natural habitat. Look upon the lava tubes and visit Los Gemelos, the Twin craters. After lunch you can visit the breeding centre to watch the newest hatchlings emerge. There is even the chance to visit the brand new exhibit dedicated to Lonesome George, the last surviving tortoise from Pinta Island. This visit serves as a harrowing reminder of the importance of conservation in the area. Shop for souvenirs of your life-changing trip before choosing to have dinner in town or back aboard the Origin.

Day 6

Head to the small island of Sombrero Chino to trek the path of volcanic rubble and take a closer look at lava formations. Manoeuver your way past the colonies of sea lions and marine iguanas before enjoying a snorkelling session in search of Galapagos penguins. Later you will travel to Bartolome and let things get heated as you summit a dormant volcano. The view from the peak will send you over the edge, as you glimpse over the panoramic views of the island. The island is ideal for snorkelling with the local wildlife with schools of tropical fish beneath the crystal clear sea. All this before you head in to refuel with a delicious dinner aboard the Origin.

Day 7

Discover the cliffs where the tropicbirds build their nests, before trailing through Opuntia and Sesuvium where you are likely to see iguanas bathing on cactus leaves. Meet the boisterous sea lion bulls and potentially even witness the bulls battle over territory – it’s nature’s own version of the WWF! Snorkel the deep waters between North and South Seymour and become a spectator of the swallow-tailed gulls. This is also home to the largest colony of frigatebirds in the Galapagos as well as to the sea lions that surf the swells! As it is your final night, you will return to the Origin for cocktails and dinner and reminisce over your life-changing travels with a sentimental slide show.

Day 8

Today it is time to say Bon Voyage to your Galapagos experience. Board the bus to the Interpretation Centre on San Cristobel and extend your knowledge about the history of the island’s inhabitants, both human and animal. Enjoy your final moments in port before heading back to the airport; head home to tell your family and friends about your unforgettable Galapagos adventure.

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  • Captain’s welcome and farewell party
  • Guided shore excursions
  • Cruise director
  • Use of wet suits
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • The use of stand-up paddle boards and sea kayaks
  • Transfers in the Islands between the airport and dock


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  • Galapagos entrance fee (park tax)
  • Transit control card
  • Premium alcoholic beverages
  • Gratuities to guides and crew
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