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Environmental lessons, adventurous forays into the Mexican jungle and relaxing swims across beautiful waterways are all combined in this revelationary tour. Perfect for the eco-conscious traveller, this tour showcases some of the great wildlife delights that Mexico has to offer including, of course, the alluring but elusive jaguar! Travellers will learn about local wildlife and conservation practices aimed at preserving the Yucutan Peninsula's ecosystems from expert, bi-lingual guides. As well as ecological lessons, the guides will offer assistance with hiking, travel and your equipment, and give brilliant tips on the best spots to have a swim!

On the first day of your adventure you'll stroll along the famously idyllic pearly-white beaches of Tulum, taking time to marvel at the area's unique Mayan ruins. Then it's on to Sian Ka'an, a bio-sphere reserve home to some of the most exotic wildlife on the planet, before you head on to 'Cenote Azul'; here, you'll enjoy luxurious swims in a complex and beautiful waterway surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites. Finally, it's time for the main event: jaguar camp! Here you'll learn from experts about jaguars in detail, as well as other wildlife and conservation practices aimed at protecting the wonderful eco-system. The trip will finish in Cancun, renowned for its astounding coastline and fun-filled water-related activities if you feel like getting the adrenaline pumping!

On this tour, you'll receive comprehensive talks from experts about jaguar conservation efforts in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Learning in detail about the scientific research that goes into the tracking and monitoring of jaguars will imbue you with the knowledge needed for you to be able to understand the importance of protecting species like the jaguar. When you return home, you can share this newfound understanding to help raise awareness about jaguar conservation, and conservation in general! This experience will truly leave you with a burning desire to make the world a more environmentally conscious place, for the sake of the beauty and diversity of areas such as the Yucatan region.

EcoColors understands that natural habitats are fragile; the company therefore keeps group numbers small, in order to not exceed the biological ‘carrying capacity’ of ecosystems. EcoColors’ tours also contribute to local economies by incorporating visits to rural areas, thereby supporting the communities that inhabit these areas. To ensure that they stay at the forefront of any developments in the field of sustainability, EcoColors works with multiple research organisations including the WWF and the Ecotourism Society. By adopting a collaborative, multi-organisation approach, these agencies are better able to protect natural habitats and their inhabitants.

Day 1
day 1

Arrival: The journey is afoot, as you touch down in Cancun Airport before being transferred to Tulum. Tulum is famous for its expansive pearly-white sandy beaches where you can enjoy long uninterrupted walks along the coast, taking in the turquoise blue waters and serene atmosphere. If that wasn't enough, Tulum is also one of the most historically significant beaches in the Caribbean, hosting a Mayan archaeological site along its beautiful shores. The limestone ruins are spanned by a 784 metre wall, believed to be a Mayan fortification; from the 'castillo' you can catch a magnificent view of the Caribbean. Upon returning to the hotel you will have dinner and be briefed on your impending jaguar tour!

Day 2
day 2

Sian Ka'an: A boat trip in the morning will take you to the Sian Ka'an reserve, a bio-sphere reserve and UNESCO World Heritage site that is flourishing with wildlife. You'll venture on to Kantemo Maya town, and then cycle deeper into the lush, alluring jungle that encompasses Kantemo Maya. In the jungle you can spot a diverse variety of wildlife that includes rarities such as the Yucatan black howler monkey, the great blue heron, Geoffrey's spider monkey and pumas. Next, pedal on over to a cave where you can catch a glimpse of hanging snakes that feast upon unaware bats! Another bicycle trip will take you to a pristine lagoon where you'll cruise along on a canoe trip to go for a bit of crocodile spotting! After all that cycling you'll be grateful to rest your weary feet along the banks of the lagoon in Kantemo, and set up camp under the stars there.

Day 3
day 3

Kantemo: Be sure to stretch your legs, because there's more exercise to be done at the beginning of day 3! You'll be cycling back to Kantemo where you'll breakfast after having built up a healthy appetite. Next up is a visit to the city of Bacalar where you will have the chance to check out the marvellous 'Cenote Azul'. This fascinating underground water system runs for hundreds of miles, with some parts of the cave completely underground and others sitting on the surface, with their own lakes. Here you'll have a great chance to swim in cyan blue waters surrounded by impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Then it's on to Ejido Laguna Om where you will arrive at your camp site! Here you can take a well-deserved rest or go on a short hike to try and scout out some of the wonderful wildlife that inhabits the area.

Day 4-5
day 4-5

Jaguar camp: Today you'll be on the hunt - to catch a glimpse of the fearsome and captivating jaguar! Learn more from the tour's expert guides about jaguars, before venturing into the jungle to locate and follow jaguar trails as well as those of other exotic animals. Intersperse the sweat-inducing animal tracking with a relaxing rest and swim at the nearby lagoon. The guides will inform you more about conservation and research projects in the area in the afternoon, before another hike into the jungle, where you will set up camp for dinner. On day 5 you'll set off on a night paddle to see the lagoon's immense crocodiles, right up close and personal!

Day 6
day 6

Jaguar camp: Keep your eyes keen as you move into a different area of the jungle on the prowl for jaguars once again! After this last foray into the land of the jaguar you'll head back to camp to pack up, before heading over to Bacular for lunch. Then it's on to Cancun, nicknamed the 'Glistening' city. One of the most renowned tourist destinations in Mexico, Cancun is located by the shimmering blue waters of the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun is also famous for its fun and adrenaline fuelled activities, with snorkelling, scuba-diving, zip-lines and incredible water-parks all on offer. Make sure you soak up all the pleasures of Cancun, before checking in to the Courtyard Marriot Hotel to have a deeply satisfying, last sleep of the trip before your flight tomorrow.

Day 7
day 7

Departure: Wave goodbye to the astounding sights of Mexico from overhead, as you happily reflect on the eye-opening experiences of this tour. Be sure to take all you've learnt about conservation and wild-life home with you, along with memories of swimming and relaxing in some of the most beautiful spots in the world.

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