9 cutest babies of the Asian continent!

This week we showcase the cutest Asian animal babies. The third in our cutest animal babies series and we’ve added one for luck!

We couldn’t not do the cutest Asian animal babies after the popularity of our 8 cutest African babies and South American babies,!? There’s at least one continent left!

Amur leopard cub

One to tell your friends… There are now fewer than 40 adult Amur leopards left in the wild. That means there are fewer of these beautiful cubs left in existence than you have fingers.

This is the only animal that we’ll struggle to help you see in person. Instead, take a look and see what WWF are doing to try to save this graceful animal here.

Eco Companion Amur Leopard

Panda cub

One to tell your friends… A panda cub is about the same size as a stick of butter when it is born.

See them in person on our Panda volunteer experience

Panda Eco Companion

Tiger cub

One to tell your friends… A group of tigers is called an ‘ambush’, which makes sense…

See them in person on our Land of the Tigers Tour

Tiger Eco Companion

Baby slow loris

One to tell your friends…  Slow lorises can actually travel 8km in one night. I bet that’s more than you did at the gym last night!

See them in person on our Laos and Thailand Tour

Slow Loris Eco Companion

Red panda cub

One to tell your friends…  Red Pandas… wait for it…. Aren’t actually pandas!?! Shut the front door! Apparently they’re actually in the same taxonomic group as bears and racoons.

See them inpersonon our Darjeeling and Singalila Trek

Red Panda

Baby oriental short-clawed otter pup

One to tell your friends…  Oriental short-clawed otters are the smallest type of otter in the world, which just makes their pups even cuter!

See them in person…stay at the Yangshuo Village Inn

Asian Short-clawed Otter

Malayan Tapir calf

One to tell your friends… Pigs that swim is so 2015. This little tapir will grow up to be quite the swimmer, using his nose as a snorkel to help him swim longer underwater.

See them in person on our Family Borneo Wildlife Safari.

Malayan Tapir Calf Eco Companion

Plus listen to how they sound!

Asian Elephant calf

One to tell your friends…  Asian elephant calves weigh on average 120kg at birth! Think of its’ poor mother!

See them in person on The Great Elephant Project Sri Lanka

Asian elephant calf Eco Companion

Clouded Leopard cub

One to tell your friends…  Relative to their body size, the canine teeth of the clouded leopard are the largest of any cat. Although, this cub clearly hasn’t had a visit from the tooth fairy quite yet.

See them in person on our Borneo Adventure Tour

clouded leopard cub

OMG I think we turned cuteness up to 11 on this post!! I hope you enjoyed our cutest Asian animal babies.

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