11 Snowy Adventures

Time to get those woolies on and heat up the hot chocolate! In the words of someone you may be familiar with: winter is coming. For some, winter is a time just to turn up the heating and stay inside, but that’s not our outlook here! Respect the seasons and find something beautiful in all of them. Think back to being a kid: opening the curtains to the glare of sun on crisp, unspoilt snow, excited breath fogging up the window, desperately waiting to find out whether school had been closed for the day…

When did we lose the thrill over the simple things like the way the snow would sparkle in the light. Imagine letting yourself fall into a deep drift, the flump of your body crunching into the crusty outer layer and the soft underneath. Remember getting so cold, your fingers went numb, and the way going inside felt like sinking into a bath of warmth, the way each muscle relaxes until the only thing you want to do is cozy into a blanket and take a nap…?

The cold isn’t all that bad! Actually, we think some of the most incredible places in the world aren’t steamy rainforest, but glittering mountain peaks…check out a few snowy adventures below…

1. Chilling Zanskar Trek

This is an incredible trek through remote highlands in Ladakh and Zanskar. You will traverse windswept landscapes, and see incredible mountain peaks. This is no adventure for the faint of heart but you will be rewarded with unparalleled panoramas and see the incredible traditional way of life which lives on here.

Chilling Zanskar Trek

2. Antarctica, Falkland Islands and South Georgia

Head out on the ultimate snowy adventure and visit “the white continent”. You will depart by boat from Argentina, and head south. See penguins and seabirds, as well as vast glaciers.

Antarctica, Falkland Islands and South Georgia

3. Patagonian Glacier Trek

Renowned for its wild and natural beauty, Patagonia is a must for all ambitious hikers. Pass through sub-antarctic forest, discover glacier lakes and visit Los Glaciares National park. This is an unforgettable adventure.

Patagonian Glacier Trek

4. Snowshoeing Week in the French Alps

Explore meadows of untouched snow and enjoy glorious views of valleys. Spend your days out in the chill of the sparkling snow, then warm up with hot chocolate in quaint ski villages. You can take this trip as intensely as you want, following gentle routes or steep paths. In your day off, you can relax and rejuvenate in the pool and jacuzzi of your accommodation.

Snowshoeing Week in the French Alps

5. The Ice Hotel Experience

Explore stunning Romania and stay in the ultimate Igloo: the Ice Hotel in the Faragas Moutains. Enjoy a unique four course meal, where even the plates are made of ice! Spend time exploring beautiful Bucharest and the mysterious Bran Castle (known by many as Dracula’s Castle).

The Ice Hotel Experience

6. Lapland: Northern Lights and Moose

Head to the land of the Vikings, and witness nature in all its power and beauty the way they once did! You will drive across the arctic circle to your base for the trip: a small northern outpost in the great expanses of snow, and still the home of Sámi people. Spend your days dog sledding, learning about Sámi culture from locals, and exploring vast, icy boreal forests.

Lapland: Northern Lights and Moose

7. Winter Alpine Activity Holiday

It is difficult to imagine blankets of glittering, untouched snow, frozen lakes, and waterfalls so close to home. Yet this is precisely what the French Alps have to offer in the winter! This adventure will let you make the most of the trip exactly as you want to. Skiing, snowboarding, ice-climbing, igloo building, and so much more is on offer. Just tell us what you want to do!

Winter Alpine Activity Holiday

8. Iglu-Dorf

Your stay at Iglu-Dorf is sure to be unique, especially as the entire hotel springs up fresh and new every winter so it will even be different from previous guests’. Don’t imagine that a stay in a building will be uncomfortable or dull! The hotel offers bars, restaurants, heated snow rooms, and even private jacuzzis! Each year, a new architectural wonder is created, with international artists adding their own touches. You will always receive a warm welcome at Iglu-Dorf!


9. Whitepod

Whitepod is the luxury winter escape for those who don’t want to pay luxury prices. This eco-resort whisks you away to a magical word where you can be blanketed by snow while staying deliciously warm. The pods, set up on platforms, offer breathtaking vistas of your alpine surroundings as well as all the comforts you could wish for.


10. Winter Wolf Tracking Trip

What better way to feel in touch with nature than to try to understand one of our most beautiful predators. Literally follow in the footsteps of the elusive wolves of the French alps, learn all about their behaviour from an expert, and even howl to the wolves to see whether you get a response.

Winter Wolf Tracking Trip

11. Argentina in Depth

Your snowy adventure doesn’t need to be all snow! This tour will take you through the highlights of stunning Argentina. Wander the streets of charming Buenos Aires and see live tango. Moving on to Los Glaciares National Park, the snowy part of the adventure begins! You will see one of the very few in the world that continues to advance, and glacier walls over 20 meters high.

Argentina in Depth

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